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Building world-class companies creates many challenges spanning many related business disciplines. Over the years we have provided in-house 'practitioner training', presented at conferences and written books and articles to help management understand these challenges, and how best to respond to them. We've included a few of the most requested favorites here.  We hope you find these helpful.



Street-smarts guide covering strategy, planning, marketing, finance, human relations, technology licensing, and VC presentations signposted with a simple Greek theme to join disparate subjects together--and to add a little culture and interest!

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Presenting Deal

Unless we’re one of the fortunate few of independent means, sooner or later we’re going to have to present "the deal" to raise money to develop our technology and/or provide financing for our company.

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Sources of Capital

Sources of Capital for Small Business was written by Rob Muir for Southern California's Tech Coast Venture Directory.

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Mousetrap Marketing

The proverbial mousetrap can be used as a prime metaphor to explain marketing in simple terms and to recap where we are in the assessment process.

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