International conferences, congresses and conventions, national meetings and exhibitions, and corporate seminars are increasingly providing the means by which the latest research and developments, particularly in the high technology and health sectors, are publicised.

Such gatherings provide a valid and highly-regarded environment within which organisations, individuals and products can be profiled and made known, both nationally and globally.

The media management and media liaison requirements of conference media relations are specific, complex and demand a high level of expertise. A conference program can generate multiple story leads, all requiring targeted research and promotion, distribution to differentiated targeted print and electronic media, usually all at the same time and usually to killing deadlines. Concurrently happening are the press conferences and briefings, the studio interviews and the general management of the Press or Media Room providing media facilities (including communications), media liaison services and continuous media information. International wire services and agencies can also be involved.

PLPS approaches conference media relations with a genuine knowledge of what makes news and how media works. Our Media Relations practice has specialised in this area for more than 20 years, and has been responsible for all media liaison and media coverage for national and international events.