Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide

Written by Prometheus Equity Pty Ltd partner Robert Muir for entrepreneurs, Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide, is designed as simple, down-to-earth, evergreen street-smarts guide.

Chapters covering strategy, planning, marketing, finance, human relations, technology licensing, and VC presentations are all signposted with a simple Greek theme to join disparate subjects together–and to add a little culture and interest! You can either browse individual chapters, sample agreements, or download the entire book.

Chapter 1:  Competing in the 2000s & Beyond
Impact of Technology
Managing in the Face of Rapid Change
Seven Deadly Sins of Technology Mismanagement

Chapter 1

Chapter 2:  Opportunities for New Business
Protect It or Lose It: an Introduction to Patents and Intellectual Property
How Intellectual Property Creates and Protects Markets
Evaluating Technology for Opportunity

Chapter 2

Chapter 3:  Do We Have a Market for the Technology?
Technology Analysis: Key To Markets
Snapshot Market Research…Secondary Research
Information: A Strategic Commodity

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Can We Make a Business with This Technology?
Mousetrap Marketing
Competitive Intelligence¾No Cloak and Dagger Required
Understanding the Marketing Game
Small Companies Survive By Understanding Market Niches
Common-Sense Market Planning

Chapter 4

Chapter 5:  What Form of Business?
What Are Our Options?
The Formal Business Plan
Everything has its Price if We Can Price it Right

Chapter 5

Chapter 6:  Licensing the Pieces
Why Should Small Business Be Interested in Licensing?
Technology May Pay Best in Someone Else’s Company
Technology Licensing Can Become License to Make Money
No Mystery to Examining Licensing: Prepare
Don’t Play Licensing Game Without A Plan
Each Licensing Agreement Has Standard Terms
Here’s the Shop Manual for Licensing “Tool”
Routes Vary on the Road to Royalties

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Aligning the Pieces
Grow A Business With Strategic Alliances That Pay Off
R&D Consortia as a Business Strategy

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Money – the Glue Holding the Business Together
Sources of Capital for Small Business
The Angel Network: Building Infrastructure by Investing in Small Business
Entrepreneurs Seek Gold in Venture Capital Mine
SBIR: Government a Willing Innovation Partner for Small Business
The Banker Is An Investment, Select Him Carefully

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: People – the Yeast to Grow the Business
Numbers Count, but Leaders Can See More
Geometry Draws Lines of Authority
Schizophrenic Leadership
Communicating Basics
Key to Communication: How Do Others Hear the Message?
Employee Enthusiasm
Musings on Selling
Personalities for Sales
Interns Can Spark the Business
Hiring the New Graduate

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Selling Our Products
Marketing Our Image
Letter Marketing
Meeting Advertising Goals Demands Commitment
Advertising In The Classifieds
Lateral Thinking, Credibility and Advertising
Nurturing Credibility
Living Up to Our Image

Chapter 10

Chapter 11:  Fitting the Pieces
The Quality Concept: Great Tool, Terrible Master
Crisis: Product Failure
Unplanned Sales Leads Can Lead to Nowhere
Pitfalls Lurk in Simple “Make or Buy” Issue
Credit Policy
Keeping ’em Down on the Farm
Surviving a Media Blitz: Without Getting an Ulcer

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: R&D Strategies for Business   (Case Studies)
Global Competition: The U.S. Perspective
CRI, Inc: The Ant and The Elephant
Pyrolysis Materials Research Consortium¾An Industry/Govn Case Study
Plastics Computer Integrated Manufacturing Consortium

Chapter 12

Chapter  13:  Presenting the Deal
Rules of the Game
The Wow Factor
The Presentation
InstaCharge Case Study

Chapter 13

Chapter 14:  Lessons Learned Along the Way

Chapter 14

Chapter 15:  Sample Stuff
Sample Agreements
Sample Staff Agreement
Sample Consultant Agreement
Sample Secrecy Agreement
Sample Joint-Development Agreement
Sample License Agreement
Sample Distributor Agreement

Chapter 15

Entire Book in downloadable pdf Format
Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide.
Please note this is a substantial PDF file (2.3M) which  may take some time to load and requires Adobe Reader.

Managing Technology for Profit