Our Corporate Advisory Practice is led by Tim Muir. Tim brings a wealth of experience to the table, specializing in corporate governance, risk management, crisis management, and contingency planning. His background in law and biochemistry equips him to provide advisory services to clients across diverse industries, addressing complex issues.

Tim has extensive experience in corporate governance assessment, risk management, crisis handling, and contingency planning. He excels in structuring business transactions and playing a pivotal role in planning and facilitating negotiations. Furthermore, Tim is recognized for his meticulous contract reviews and insightful comments, ensuring his clients are well-informed and protected in their business ventures.

Tim Muir’s journey in the corporate world began when his family relocated from Australia to the United States when he was just seven years old. This move was driven by his father’s career, where he played a key role in establishing an international technology licensing business for Union Carbide Australia.

Tim’s adaptability and determination became evident during his schooling in the United States, where he pursued a dual educational path, earning degrees in both biochemistry and law. This unique fusion of scientific and legal knowledge has proven to be a valuable asset throughout his advisory career. Tim has recently returned to Australia, bringing his wealth of expertise and international experience to the local corporate landscape.